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Cracking the Core Web Vitals Code: Join the Gang’s Heist for First Page Domination

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September 1, 2023

    In the vast world of web performance, Core Web Vitals has emerged as a formidable gang, ready to revolutionize the digital realm. Our daring heist? To crack the code of Core Web Vitals (CWV) and secure a spot on the first page of search results. With each gang member specializing in their unique expertise, we embark on an exhilarating journey to achieve web excellence. Join us as we unravel the strategies, techniques, and collaboration required to conquer Core Web Vitals and unlock a seamless web experience. Get ready for the thrilling pursuit of supremacy, where the ultimate prize lies on the first page. Let the heist begin!

    What is the difference between Core Web Vitals gang and previous SEO “metrics” crew?

    You see, the SEO crew was the pioneer in the realm of website metrics. They focused on the technical aspects, like keywords and rankings, to determine a website’s success. But Core Web Vitals, oh boy, they’re a different breed. They’re a gang that knows success lies in the unity of its members. LCP, FID, TBT, CLS, and CrUX are the members of this gang, each with their own expertise. They rely on one another to thrive. If one member falters, the gang as a whole is in trouble. It’s like a synchronized heist—every member must keep their s*** together for the ultimate success.

    What is LCP?

    Meet LCP, the driver of the Core Web Vitals gang. LCP – or Largest Contentful Paint – is like the skilled wheelman behind the wheel, navigating the web’s vast highways. As the getaway driver, he ensures a smooth escape from boredom to the endless entertainment on your website. For this to be possible. websites need to load swiftly and deliver their largest and most important content promptly and as fast as possible. Think of LCP as the driver and your website the vehicle, setting the pace for an extraordinary web experience, but if your site is not up to the task, I’m afraid our shady friends are gonna be in trouble… and you REALLY DON’T WANT THAT.

    What is FID?

    Now let’s talk about FID, the vigilant enforcer of the Core Web Vitals gang. FID – or First Input Delay – is like the watchful guardian who ensures that every member of the gang is on their toes, ready to perform their tasks flawlessly. Just as an enforcer maintains order, FID measures the responsiveness of websites when users interact with them, helps us discern whether a website is swift and responsive or sluggish like a sloth on a serene Sunday morning. It’s like ensuring that each member of the gang is committed and ready to play their part. FID is the one who keeps everyone in check, ensuring a seamless web experience for all.

    Why do we use TBT to measure this?

    Ah, TBT, the clock-man of the Core Web Vitals gang. TBT – or Total Blocking Time – is like the meticulous timekeeper who ensures that the gang’s heist—I mean, the website’s performance—is executed flawlessly and on time. TBT measures the time during which a webpage feels unresponsive, as if the clock has stopped ticking. Just as a well-coordinated heist relies on perfect timing, TBT ensures that websites don’t leave users hanging, waiting for pages to load or actions to be executed. It keeps the gang on schedule, ensuring that every second counts in delivering a smooth web experience.

    What is CLS?

    Enter CLS, the guardian of stability within the Core Web Vitals gang. CLS – or Cumulative Layout Shift – is like the expert coordinator who ensures that every element of a webpage stays put, just as a successful heist relies on keeping everything in its rightful place. CLS measures unexpected layout shifts, preventing elements from moving around and disorienting users. It’s the one who ensures that people don’t move during the robbery—I mean, while they’re browsing the website. CLS aims to provide users with a stable and consistent experience, without catching them off guard with sudden changes.

    What is CrUX/page user experience?

    Last but certainly not least, we have CrUX, the elder, mastermind and leader of the Core Web Vitals gang. CrUX, also known as ‘Chrome User Experience Report’, is like the brilliant strategist who plans it all. Their ultimate goal being to provide users with an exceptional web experience. CrUX collects data from real users’ browsing experiences, analyzing their interactions and feedback. It’s like having the gang leader’s inside information, allowing us to understand how websites are perceived and experienced by the masses. With CrUX, the gang can fine-tune their operations, ensuring that every detail is optimized for user satisfaction. CrUX is the driving force behind the gang’s success, providing valuable insights into the page user experience.


    In the thrilling world of web performance, the Core Web Vitals gang has emerged as the ultimate force for success. By cracking the code of Core Web Vitals (CWV) and implementing their strategies, websites can now achieve the ultimate goal: better rankings and securing a spot on the coveted first page of search results. CWV revolutionized the digital realm by advising users to ensure their websites load swiftly, respond seamlessly to user interactions, meet timing expectations, maintain stability, and deliver an exceptional user experience. So, join forces with the Core Web Vitals gang and embark on a journey towards web excellence, where better rankings and the first page of search results await.

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