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Taming Mischievous Monsters: Popups and Core Web Vitals

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September 4, 2023

    Hold on to your hats, folks, because we’re about to embark on an epic adventure to contain those mischievous monsters known as popups! They may seem harmless at first, but these little troublemakers have been causing quite a stir in the Core Web Vitals’ land. Fear not, brave reader, for in this article, we shall equip you with the tools and strategies needed to tame these pesky creatures, optimize your website’s performance, and restore peace and harmony to the digital realm.

    Understanding the Issue

    Ah, popups—the cheeky imps of the internet, causing more trouble than a band of misfit monsters in a haunted house. They love to play with our Core Web Vitals (CWV), creating more Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) than a bunch of dancing goblins. Sure, they can bring in leads and conversions, but they can also turn your web performance into a real nightmare. It’s like inviting a bunch of prankster poltergeists into your home—they may be entertaining at first, but they’ll wreak havoc in no time!

    Mitigating CLS

    But fear not, for we shall not let these mischievous monsters ruin our digital lives! We have a secret weapon called smart development strategies, which will send these popups running for the hills. No lighthouse bypasses or tricks up our sleeves—let’s fight them fair and square!

    Now, imagine you try to outsmart performance audits by delaying the appearance of popups. Sneaky, right? It’s like hiding a werewolf under a full moon to avoid detection. And what do you get? A stellar score on Lighthouse! But beware, my friend, for this cunning move is nothing but a trap. Real users will still encounter the popups, causing genuine CLS issues that not even the mighty Search Console can ignore. It’s like trying to hide a monster in plain sight—they’ll find you eventually!

    Effective Solutions

    Enough fooling around with these mischievous monsters! It’s time to take charge and bring order to the chaos. Here are some powerful coding spells to banish the CLS-causing popups from your website:

    Animation and Behavior Removal: Say “Abracadabra” and make those jumpy animations and content-shifting tricks disappear. Keep those popups as still as statues, like frozen monsters in a haunted museum. No more unexpected layout shifts, and peace shall be restored!

    User Behavior-Triggered Popups: Let the users call the shots! Link the appearance of popups to specific user actions, like a button click. It’s like summoning these mischievous creatures only when they’re truly wanted, as if they were loyal sidekicks instead of pesky pests. No more surprises, just a harmonious dance between users and popups.

    But let’s be honest—sometimes these monsters can be of good use. They can help you block a juicy prey from leaving your website, “jump scare” users, leading them to the right direction, or sink in their teeth to convert them. In these cases, consider these approaches:

    Balancing Popup CLS and Conversion: Weave a delicate balance between the impact of popups on CLS and their conversion potential. Calculate the average CLS using Google Search Console (GSC) data and create a “CLS buffer”. It’s like carrying a vial of potion to protect against temporary CLS spikes caused by popups. Just make sure to banish those monsters before the 28-day average crosses the danger zone!

    Sacrificing High-Impact Pages: Some pages are like the bustling center of a lively carnival—boasting high traffic and numerous visitors. Here is where these little monsters will become your allies – like a werewolf bite – converting visitors into life-time users. Spread the CLS burden amid these pages, while keeping the remaining less trafficked pages as  “monster-free-zones”. This way your overall CLS stays in check!


    The battle against these mischievous popup monsters is not for the faint of heart. But fear not, brave web warrior, for armed with these clever strategies, you shall prevail! Tame those popups like a legendary monster hunter, restoring peace and harmony to your website’s performance. So go forth, equipped with laughter and the power of clever optimization. May your web pages be free from mischievous monsters, and may your users enjoy a delightful and smooth browsing experience. Happy hunting, my fellow web adventurers!

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