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Case Studies

  • Magento, Streaming Music, Split Payments

    Most fans will never discover or see a music artist live. They will only connect online through streaming music services, downloadable albums, etc.

    Yet most artists will only put in place a few of the critical pieces required for online success, often poorly so. Ask an artist if they'd rather embed ISRC codes into mp4 tracks versus play a show, they'll naturally choose the show.

    Music label County Wide asked us to make it easy for artists to create these digital pieces. We built a Magento + SilverStripe platform where each artist can quickly upload their music, related art, and band info. It automatically embeds mp4 metadata, allows music streaming and downloading, and instantly splits online payments for each sale between artist and label.

    • Tech: Magento, Chained Payments, Paypal Adaptive Payments API, SilverStripe, PHP5
    • Market: B2C, Entertainment
  • Salesforce Integration

    Radimage creates radiation therapy QA and Diagnostic software which helps clinical physicists provide better treatment for cancer patients.

    Radimage uses Salesforce and radimage.com to manage their customers, sales orders, and digital radiation therapy software products.

    OneRhino supports the integration of their SalesForce data into the radimage.com website using the Salesforce api. Downloadable digital products, sales orders, multi-tiered customer product permissions, and customer data are all synchronized between both systems in real time. This allows Radimage customers to manage their products and account from radimage.com.

    • Tech: Salesforce API, SilverStripe CMS, PHP5
    • Market: B2B, Medical
  • Next Generation WordPress Development

    Website technology is constantly changing, and we try to keep on top of what's best of breed. For Proto Business' WordPress website we chose to integrate the drag-and-drop page builder Elementor.

    Easy & Flexible: If implemented properly, Elementor offers a much easier and more flexible way to manage website content and layout, saving time and cost. There are other page builders out there but in our experience none work as well.

    Page Speed: Some tools have great features, but are too bloated to allow fast page loads. Slow pages drive away visitors. Speed wasn't a problem with Elementor.

    Faster Layouts: We added custom re-usable design elements, making the prospect of building new page layouts much faster than with conventional WordPress configurations.

    New Tech Caution: In this case the latest is the greatest, but of course that's not always true. We take time to sort out what tech, new or not, makes sense for each client.

    • Tech: WordPress, Elementor Page Builder, PHP5
    • Market: B2B Artificial Intelligence


  • Billy and his team have been a great asset to our marketing based web development business for a few years now. In the digital marketing and development space there are many development agencies who talk the talk. OneRhino walks the walk. They have a very high level of technical expertise and we are confident that they can tackle any task assigned. In the rare occasion that they are not proficient in some technology, they immediately let us know.

    What really stands out to us is how reliable the oneRhino team is. Every member of the team is easy to reach via email, phone or direct chat. Through these types of clear communication channels we find that our expectations are regularly exceeded which is very important in a deadline based business.

    I highly recommend oneRhino. They have enabled us to take on larger projects and also take on more projects simultaneously. This has lead to a significant increase in revenue for us.

    Keith Lyon, Production Manager, Online Marketing Group

  • oneRhino has provided excellent service from the start of our project. Communication has always been smooth and I am confident every step of the way that Billy and I are on the same page with regards to what tasks must be completed. I asked Billy for help importing massive amounts of products into my Magento and he went above and beyond what was asked. I am very happy that my company hired oneRhino for the project. I would recommend him to any business owner.

    Marcel Bosio, Founder, Marvicle Consulting

    Marcel Bosio
  • oneRhino has done an excellent job in helping us rebrand our Silverstripe website as well as deliver several smaller projects so far. The team has given us excellent work and has been very responsive and receptive to our needs. They are professional and I have found them to be collaborative and insightful. We are comfortable working with them on our website projects. I would recommend them without hesitation!

    Marieke Pernot, Gomocha

  • My company needed web developers to handle back end, PHP, .JS, CSS and SalesForce integration for our SilverStripe CMS. We had a very lengthy and difficult time finding a company that was reliable, on budget, highly technical, and on time. We are extremely happy with oneRhino’s service and professionalism. Not only have they exceeded our expectations, the tasks are all tracked in their ticket system so I always know where my projects are in the process. I was surprised at how proactive Billy has been – even suggesting procedures that would save time and money based on my company’s business practices as they relate to our web site. Thanks oneRhino!

    Gina Tinker-Lewis, Creative Director, RadImage

    Gina at RadImage
  • Billy does a great job at thinking about all the aspects of a web application, making suggestions, and looking out for the client's best interest. His experience brings a lot of value to the table in exceeding the client expectations.

    Craig Griffin, Director of Business Migrations, Silverchair

    Craig Griffin at SilverChair
  • OneRhino’s team of web developers have helped tremendously in the integration of our company’s website with Salesforce. Through their technical expertise, we can display and update account data from Salesforce on our website, in real time. This makes it very easy for our customers to keep track of their products and subscriptions. OneRhino always addresses any problems we run into in a professional manner, and we are very happy to work with them.

    Shelby Craw, Advertising & Design, RadImage


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