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What is your process for making updates and changes to a website or web application?Custom Icon

Standard industry practices, such as version control, pull requests, dev and staging copies, testing, and of course tight communication and collaboration with any teams we are working alongside.

What is your approach to search engine optimization (SEO)?Custom Icon

  1. Listen and learn. Every business is different – their customers, market, culture, history, goals, and expectations. 
  2. Plan –  Set measurable goals. We usually focus on the combo of lower effort and higher yield tasks to achieve those goals, working and communicating closely with in-house teams is key.
  3. Measure the “before” – all the metrics that we’ll need to measure success rely on knowing what the baseline is first, before any work has begun.
  4. Implement the first phase of the plan
  5. Measure
  6. Iterate based the results in step 5 above until the goals are achieved.
  7. Maintain / Monitor – we offer maintenance services.

Partners – We are skilled at the technical SEO and many aspects of data analytics. For other SEO, we partner with our client’s teams and/or one of our SEO-specialist partners. This is key. SEO touches a lot of the web tech, data analytics, and marketing process. Nobody knows it all. 

What industries have you worked with?Custom Icon

Finance, health care, publishing, bio tech, social media, real estate, insurance, education, various e-commerce, manufacturing, non profits, law, construction, and brick and mortar retail. 

What services do you provide?Custom Icon

Web development, technical SEO, MarTech / Data Analytics (e.g. GA4, GTM, Salesforce), system administration, UX/UI design, project management, and strategy / consulting.

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