Core Web Vitals Optimization: From 40% to 100% Passing Score!

Core Web Vitals Optimization: From 40% to 100% Passing Score!

Project Overview needed a Core Web Vitals optimization in order to maintain competitiveness against larger, more established, competitors on organic search. We took on the challenge of transforming their 4,000 pages. The Result? From 40% passing CWV to a perfect 100%! More visitors and conversions. Competitive ranking against much larger competitors.


  • AMP
  • Core Web Vitals
  • SEO
  • Wordpress
Launch Website

The Challenge’s biggest competitors have more domain authority, much of that due to them being considerably older. While this put InvestmentU at a disadvantage on organic search, they compensated by improving other areas of SEO optimization.

That all changed when Google rolled out a Core Web Vitals update in June 2021. They now had a new disadvantage. They failed the CWV’s overall score, which significantly hurt their SEO optimization across the board.

The Transformation

oneRhino undertook the substantial task of optimizing all of InvetsmentU’s 4000 pages, which meant changes in the server, middleware, and frontend code and design, with the goal of passing Core Web Vitals and regaining or surpassing past SEO page ranking. All of this was done with a careful eye to not degrade any revenue-generating endeavors, such as complex analytics configuration and tracking, or other conversion improvements.

Before CWV Update

Core Web Vitals Failing results for over 1.4K URLs

InvestmentU failing results for over 1K URLs on Core Web Vitals.

After Transformation

Core Web Vitals Good passing results for over 1.4K URLs

InvestmentU good passing results for over 1.44K URLs on Core Web Vitals.

The Result

Our efforts yielded remarkable results. We took from an average 40% CWV score to a full 100% CWV result!

The transformation brought about an incredible increase in visitors and conversions. was no longer struggling to keep up with older/more established competitors; it became a modern, efficient, and user-friendly platform that passed CWV, and because of this, ranked competitively in organic search against much larger competitors.


Staying competitive and relevant is vital. recognized the need to adapt, and we provided them with a solution that not only met the CWV update, but also improved their website’s overall performance against big competitors.

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