Better than Google at Search

Better than Google at Search

Project Overview

Most passionate mountain bike riders don’t use Google to search for MTB products. Junk is littering the results. Instead they hop from one known MTB website to another, searching within each separately, then comparing. streamlines that into a single search, with only the established mountain bike ecommerce providers shown in the results. It’s faster, easier, and more likely to find the best deals.


  • Laravel
  • Netlify
  • PHP
  • Vue JS
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Better than Google at Search

For passionate mountain bike enthusiasts, finding the MTB  gear can be frustrating. Traditional search engines like Google often churn out results cluttered with less relevant to irrelevant “junk” links. So riders resort to hopping from one popular mountain bike website to another, sifting through each separately, then comparing across them all. It’s a time-consuming process that can lead to missed deals.

The Challenge

Enter Our mission? To provide mountain bike search results that are superior to Google – more efficient, accurate, curated, clean, and relevant.

The Strategy

To create a search experience tailored specifically for real mountain bike riders. Our strategy was rooted to simplification and precision. Instead of sifting through the clutter of traditional search engines or navigating multiple websites, riders would use for a single, comprehensive search.

Our results would be curated, focused on ecommerce websites proven to be popular with actual riders. This would ensure the results were both relevant and trustworthy.

The Result

Riders could quickly find the most desirable deals without the hassle of jumping from one site to another. The user experience was improved dramatically, making it more likely for riders to discover the best products and deals, and in much less time.


We might have been a bit cheeky when we titled this article as “better than google at [MTB] search” 🙂. In reality it’ll take time to answer that one way or another. But we do know riders are not happy with the status quo – a decision between accepting poor accuracy and relevance of Google’s results, vs spending time-consuming steps visiting website after website and comparing. We think our third way will be the fix an easy, fast, and streamlined way to search for MTB products.

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