0 to 100% passing Core Web Vitals – SixFifty

0 to 100% passing Core Web Vitals – SixFifty

Project Overview

SixFifty.com had just over 305 indexed pages, and not one of them were passing Core Web Vitals on mobile. After our changes, all 305 pages now pass Core Web Vitals! Our work involved optimizing plugins, while closely monitoring functionality and layout for any disruptions, and modifying code to remove Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) events.


  • Core Web Vitals
  • CSS
  • Smush Pro
  • Wordpress
  • WP Rocket
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The Challenge

When SixFifty.com approached us, they faced a significant challenge with their website’s performance. Not one of the 305 indexed pages passed Core Web Vitals (CWV) on mobile. This was a clear indicator that their website’s user experience was far from ideal, particularly on mobile devices.

The Transformation

When deciding how to improve Core Web Vitals on a fixed budget and/or timeline, the trick is to identify the improvements that are likely to make a major vs minor impact, and then to focus only on the major impact items. Failing to do so can blow up timelines and budgets.

Here are some of the “needle mover” changes we identified for SixFifty.com:

  • Optimizing Plugins: We meticulously examined the plugins used on the website and optimized them for performance. This involved removing unnecessary bloat, streamlining redundant functionality, and ensuring that they did not hinder the website’s performance.
  • Monitoring Functionality and Layout: Throughout the process, we closely monitored the functionality and layout of the website to prevent any disruptions. It was crucial that while improving performance, we maintained the overall user experience and features.
  • Tackling Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): We identified several CLS problems within the website. Some were related to third-party elements like chat bubbles with iframes and cookie popup animations. Font configurations, image loading, and image dimensions posed additional problems. We tackled each of these issues methodically, either modifying, optimizing, or working around them.

The Result

The journey from 0 to 100% Core Web Vitals success was filled with challenges, but the end result was remarkable. The oneRhino team took all 305 Core Web Vitals-failing pages of SixFifty.com and transformed them to passing.


Desktop passing Core Web Vitals results for 305 good URLs

Graphic displaying passing Core Web Vitals results for 305 good URLs on Desktop.


Mobile passing Core Web Vitals results for 305 good URLs

Graphic displaying passing Core Web Vitals results for 305 good URLs on Mobile.

Our efforts transformed SixFifty.com into a website that not only met the stringent CWV criteria but also provided an exceptional user experience across devices.


In the competitive digital landscape, user experience and organic search ranking is paramount. SixFifty.com recognized the importance of delivering a website that not only looked good but also performed seamlessly. Our expertise and dedication ensured that they not only met Core Web Vitals requirements, but also enhanced their overall user experience.

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